Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

  • 1.We appoint a personal information management officer to make certain that all personal information is handled and managed in the appropriate manner.
  • 2.We handle all personal information by strictly following the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and all other related guidelines and standards. We take logical measures to prevent fraudulent access, loss, destruction, falsification, and disclosure of personal information.
  • 3.Personal information is used at the utmost minimum under the following circumstances.
    • 1. Application/contract details, execution of related services, and sending of any notices, contacts, and questionnaires.
    • 2. Notices of products, services, etc. that may be deemed as useful to the customers.
    • 3. Acquisition of data such as requests and comments to improve service and assist with experimentation and product development.
    • 4. Handling of inquiries and consultations from customers.
    • 5. Inquiries to customers that are deemed as necessary in order to execute business.
  • 4.There may be cases in which a part of our business duties are outsourced, in which case, the handling of personal information shall be executed under the equivalent regulations.
  • 5.Request of Disclosure

    In the case where a customer or a representative requests for disclosure of information, we shall handle such cases in the following process based on Article 24 Clause 2, Article 25, Article 26 Clause 1, Article 27 Clauses 1 and 2 of the Act (hereinafter referred to as “Process of Disclosure Request”).

    • 1. Items of personal information that are applicable for Process of Disclosure Request

      Name, address, phone number, date of birth, employment information (place of employment, occupation, phone number), information regarding transaction type or details.

    • 2. Contact of Process of Disclosure Request.

      Koukadou Co., Ltd.

      For requests via mail, please send the required documents to the following address.
      〒100-0006 2-7-1 Yurakucho Chiyoda-ku Tokyo
      Yurakucho Ekimae Building ITOCiA 12F

    • 3. Required Documents

      1. Notification of Purpose of Use of Personal Information
      (In case of request based on Article 24 Clause 2 of the Act)

      2. Disclosure Request of Personal Information
      (In case of request based on Article 25 of the Act)

      3. Request to Correct, Add, or Delete Personal Information
      (In case of request based on Article 26 Clause 1 or 2)

      4. Request to Terminate Usage of Personal Information
      (In case of request based on Article 27 Clause 1 or 2)

      5. Personal Identification(Copy of driver’s license, resident card, etc. )

      6. In case of disclosure request from a representative, a document to prove authority is needed in addition to the above documents.

      (i)In case of a legal representative
      ・Documentation to prove legal authority (1)
      (Family register or insurance card with one’s dependents written)
      ・Personal identification documentation (1)
      (driver’s license, resident card, or any other documents valid under the Personal Identification Act)
      (ii)In case of a representative due to delegation
      ・A power of attorney signed and sealed by subject and its representative (1)
      ・Copy of the subject’s seal registration certificate

    • 4. Handling Fee

      In case where the disclosure request is made under Article 25 of the Act, the following handling fees apply.

Items of Disclosure Period Handling Fee
Name, Address, Phone Number, Employment Information,
(Place of employment, occupation, phone number), E-mail
Total ¥1000(tax excl.)
Others Per item ¥1000(tax excl.)
  • 1.Method of Response

    We shall give a written response without delay to the address sent from the subject. There are cases in which the requested information is sent directly to the subject even if the request is made by a representative. We ask for your kind understanding.

  • 2.Purpose of Use of Personal Information Obtained by Process of Disclosure Request

    Personal information obtained through the Process of Disclosure Request shall be used for the purpose of investigating requested information, personal identification, acquisition of handling fees, and to respond to such requests.

  • 3.Method of Handling Information in Case Disclosure is Not Made

    We ask for your understanding that in case any of the following may apply, disclosure may not be made. In case disclosure cannot be made, a notification with proper reasoning shall be sent. Furthermore, the handling fees shall apply even in cases where disclosure cannot be made.

    • 1. In cases where the subject is not properly identified
    • 2. In case where authority of the appointed representative cannot be confirmed
    • 3. In case where there are inadequacies to the requested documents
    • 4. In case where payments are not made during the designated time period
    • 5. In case where the information requested des not apply to the retained personal data
    • 6. In case where the life, body, assets, or any other rights and interests may be prone to damage
    • 7. In case where damages may be incurred to the proper execution of business duties
    • 8. In case where any laws or ordinances may be violated
  • In case where there are requests of disclosure of personal information from customers, we shall respond to the customer without delay after confirming the customer’s identity, given that there shall be no damages to our business duties. Similarly, in case of requests of correction, termination of usage, or deletion of personal information, we shall investigate without delay. In case where correction, termination of usage, deletion is deemed necessary, we will attend to it in a reasonable manner.

    Title of Entity Handling Personal Information

    Koukadou Co., Ltd.
    Representative Director Nana Aso
    【Head Office】〒100-0006 2-7-1 Yurakucho Chiyoda-ku Tokyo Yurakucho Ekimae Building ITOCiA 12F

    We shall prepare a company structure based on the privacy policy, arbitrarily review its handling and work to make improvements.